Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prusa i3 Upgrade Completed

Finally I upgraded the prusa i3 to include a Sangunilolu 1.3a board, a prussa nozzle 0.4mm diameter, and a heatbed MK2a. It took almost 3 weeks to do this. There was a lot of wiring and the board needed to be assembled. Also I have optical sensors that needed additional circuitry on the cables. An LED lights up when the sensor is triggered as an indicator that it is operating.
This is a print from called the julia vase. Printed at 230 Degrees Celcius Bed temperature 90 Degrees Celcius. 0.3mm layer height.
This is a timelapse video of the print.
The prusa nozzle requires a fan for operation as it will not work without one. Thanks to some aluminium grove mount plates to sink some heat as well.

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