Thursday, March 17, 2011

Magniwork Is Definitely a Scam

The fraudulent system Magniwork is preventing legitimate magnet motors from entering the market. Buyers beware any system that claims to have a working magnet motor please take heed. The problem with this scam lies mainly in the premise that magnet motors do work though the exact nature of the configuration may be difficult to construct. Therefore any site claiming to have plans and DIY cannot produce a certified device that is backed by industry.
Please Do not click on any of the Magniwork advertisements and beware of web sites that have too many ads.

Thank You

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Double Pendulum

A Double Pendulum produces a chaotic output that is unstable in an ideal sense. So it makes sense that two double oscillating forces produced one from gravity and then other from magnetism can produce an over unity reaction..

Gravity meets Magnetism to produce free energy

Gravity vs Magnetism
Cluass Turtur Published a paper [1] where he mentions double oscillations and the way to produce free energy. Here the oscillators are gravity oscillation and magnetic oscillation. When used in tandem produces energy.

The following video features a machine that harnesses both magnetic and gravitational energy.