Thursday, October 9, 2014

Multi-Use Robotic Arm

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Multi-Use Robotic Arm Aframe


  1. 6x608 bearings
  2. 6 LM8UU Linear Bearings M8
  3. M8 Nut
  4. NEMA17 Motor
  5. 4x5mm M3 bolts
  6. 3 Spacer Tubes 90mm 3dprinted 16mm ID 24mm OD...linear bearings pressed to fit at top and bottom
  7. Aframe Bottom 3d Printed on Shapeways
  8. AFrame Top 3d Printed on Shapeways
  9. 3x M8 400mm Smooth Rods

AFrame Bottom

Multi-Use Robotic-Arm Arm Assembly

  1. 400mm M8 Smooth Rod
  2. Threaded Rod M8 420mm
  3. 4x608 Bearings
  4. LM8UU Linear Bearing suit smooth rod
  5. 6xM8 Nuts
  6. Arm Mount 3d Printed Part
  7. Arm End 3d Printed Part
  8. Arm Head 3d Printed Part
    Arm Mount

    Arm End
    Arm Head

Multi Use SCARA Equivalent Robotic Arm---MAIN GEAR

View on Shapeways

  1. 4xM3x25mm Bolts
  2. 8xM3 Nuts
  3. 12xM3 Spring Washers
  4. 4xM3x15mm Bolts
  5. Nema17 short Stepper Motor
  6. 2xM8x30mm Bolts
  7. 2xM8 Nuts